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This is a new project to write a new software to enhance and customize Fedora Core X systems.

Monday, October 10, 2005

How much relevant is this?

We've been having talks about the relevance of this project. There is this "Redhat Scholarships", and we had thought of doing this one for this scholarship.

Analysing the requirement of this project, we see, what all it will "actually" add.

* I wont be required to install a few media players manually.
* I will have one more icon to start XMMS for me, heh.
* It will possibly install all other softwares I need!

Lets look into it this way.
* How many softwares are actually provided in palatable form such as RPM or SRC RPM or even an easily compilable source?
* How many times does it happen that we can install a software flawlessly, and flawlessly on more than one system with the same procedure?
* How many people will actually consider installing it for installing media players for them, which are in some way, easily installable?
* How will it do any better than YUM?
* How many softwares does Fedora lack? (its almost a complete solution for everything)

With the current state, its not possible to frame a really convincing "Requirements list". We will wait for more ideas to pour in, and begin only when the relevance of the project is proved.


At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Ankur said...

are u folks part of the RHS ... ?

At 8:05 PM, Blogger Anurag Singh Rana said...

We are participants, if that is what you asked. But we're doing a different project than this.


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