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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, its been long since we last had a discussion on this project, but, another IDEA which has struck me is, instead of trying really hard to get "Fedora Core 2", "Fedora Core 3" and "Fedora Core 4" into a more usable form by providing software in addition to the basic setup, why don't we try to MODIFY Fedora Core 4, and create a custom Operating System that has all the features MISSING in Fedora Core 4.

Legally, this can be done as FC4 is released under GPL. I read more about the licensing policy and end user license agreement of Redhat Inc. It clearly states that we are free to modify and redistribute a modified version of Fedora Core, but we are NOT ALLOWED to use "Fedora Core" "Redhat" brand names or logos in the new software. That'd just mean changing some screens and image files.

Technically, I was looking at how the REDHAT 8/9/Fedora Core CDROM is formatted. It follows something called the "comps.xml" format. We need the comps-extras rpm package installed in order to "edit" the default installation of Fedora Core, add, substract packages, etc. This will enable us to safely add packages to the "basic setup", and also allow us to replace "mp3 crippled" kdemultimedia packages with the original ones compiled from kde.org. Similarly, we can include the good media players and some initial scripts plus a good theme, etc. to make the "new operating system" as BETTER THAN FEDORA CORE 4. I still haven't thought of any name, but for the time being, lets call it "JOSH" (Josh Operating System Hai! .. kind of recursive name, hehe)

I'll be trying to understand this more and more, and will simultaneously look for all the required things not "already" present in FC4, and also those "not installed by default".

Another point is, legally, we CAN use Fedora Core 4 (modified) as the brand name, if "there is a provision" to separate out "Fedora Core 4" and the "(modified)", and the user has an option to "use the Fedora Core 4 original setup" as well as "install the customized setup", so we might consider that too.

In addition to these plus points with the new idea, there are a few drawbacks too.
1. Generally Linux users are reluctant to REINSTALL their distro.
2. This would mean, if you want to have a user friendly Fedora, get my distro, there is no other option, while, providing a customizer disk would provide all people to modify their distro, even if the basic setup was the same old.
3. Its more mechanical to follow this idea, and more challenging to try to make a generic customizer software.
4. Creating a new distro will somewhat cripple it, because no server has updates for it.
5. I kind of like the name Fedora Core ;)

Redhat Trademark Guidelines
formatting comps.xml
Creating a custom OS


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At 1:23 AM, Blogger Vardhman said...

As discussed earlier this day, we should be trying something else so that we have a good user base and we are not bound with this regular patch and update cycle and stuff.

We should better try making a patcher executable or package which does the work for us. AFAIK it is not much difficult and with the enthusiam you ppl have in the name JOSH it should be pretty easy for us to make such a package.

We will put in that package, patches to remove mp3 lock, install mplayer, amarok, and some other good applications which FC4 might miss by default or might have the older version of.
Some how I feel FC ppl are not KDE admirers. Some Developers in the KDE community also suggested me to try using other distributions( Mandriva, Debian, Ubutu they recommend).

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Manoj said...

Hey Guys,

Y don't people take up work on Linux From Scratch...
AFAIK it is used in leading Universities as a standard for understanding and developement of Operating System.
I still remember the researchers in CMU asking patke to install a custom version of LFS to his robot :))
Never got a chance to install Ubuntu ... btw how is it ??

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ubuntu rox!
I had it set up at home..the gui is chooo cute..and if you have a decent line then you can use any update manager to do lots of fun stuff :)


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Anurag Singh Rana said...

@ Vardhman
Yeah, this is exactly what I think we need to do. Adding to that, I'd say... it should be Next->Next->Next->finish.. and not make.. make install.. rm.. mv... cp... and stuff... that is "completely konsole free".

@ Manoj
As mentioned already, we need to improve a Linux distro which already has a huge user base, or has real good capabilities with minor holes. Creating a new LFS would be more of "I want to learn whats linux" kinda project.. rather than a "Lets makes things better" one.

@ Jayaram
Ubuntu rocks.. sure it does, but then for developers, its a problem, coz of the low amount of packages provided in it. Fedora is almost the Linux distro of my dreams if we fill some of the holes in it. Thats what we are planning to attempt.

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