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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rough Draft No. 1

I am a Fedora Core user since long now. I am beginning a project out of my own interest in order to enhance or customize Fedora Core(2/3/4) to make it usable for an average user.

The idea is to provide an addition 5th CDROM with the FC Setup, which will install a software into the system (similar to YasT), which will enable to user to configure and enhance the user experience for Fedora Core 2/3/4 systems.

One of the many uses of this software would be "Getting software". Now, "getting software" should not be confused with just "installing" RPMS or sources. Here, we are dealing with a different level.

Average Joe says "I want to play MP3".
I would say,
* install XMMS, XMMS-arts, XMMS-mp3, XMMS-skins.
* Configure KDE to start ARTS
* Configure XMMS to use ARTS
* Configure XMMS to use a good theme
* Provide a link to "MP3 Player" in my software. (YES, the software will behave as a app launcher too)

So, the "CAPABILITY" of "playing MP3" is provided by the set of operations given above. So, the software will basically function using a database that is built based on "CAPABILITY" rather than "PACKAGE NAMES".

Most of the time, "enabling a particular capability" will include
* installing packages/sources
* configuring some scripts of KDE/GNOME/etc.
* giving a link to the capability in the software.

We are just beginning the project, and are just analysing the problem. We would like to know if the idea is good enough or needs any amendment?

To install packages, we need to
* resolve dependencies
* identify sources of packages and dependencies (CDROM/ISO/INTERNET)
A lot of this capability seems to be built in the RPMLIB and YUM. We are trying to figure out how to use YUM or YUM API or YUM REPOSITORIES or ALL to benifit our cause. Please help us for the same.

anurag_rana [AT] students [DOT] iiit [DOT] ac [DOT] in


At 5:28 AM, Blogger KoPoS said...

So does that mean when a joe wants to play mp3s on his pc, your (5th cd)/FCC will take care of all that?

does that mean that once joe doesnt want to play the media, the software installed will be deleted from user?

Can i assume that your software will be similar to 'Software-On-CD' something akin to 'Linux-On-CD'. Which simply means, once the cd is taken out the system is as is? Or you are going to make permanent changes to the system?


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