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This is a new project to write a new software to enhance and customize Fedora Core X systems.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Query response for poorna shashank...

So does that mean when a joe wants to play mp3s on his pc, your (5th cd)/FCC will take care of all that?

does that mean that once joe doesnt want to play the media, the software installed will be deleted from user?

Can i assume that your software will be similar to 'Software-On-CD' something akin to 'Linux-On-CD'. Which simply means, once the cd is taken out the system is as is? Or you are going to make permanent changes to the system?

No, its not a "Linux-On-CD" kind of a thing. If you see Discussion No. 1, we clearly state that it is "installed on the system just like a control panel".
* AJ can open FCC (FC Customizer).
* Search for a particular capability and install.
* Browse through the already installed capabilities and use.
* Remove a capability.
* Set the preferences about the Internet Repos, etc.
* Update the software database/version using the next released CDROM.
* Some other features which we might think of later.

So, what is your response after you know this additional information about the whole design? Is there any way of improving? Is there any other feature which is a MUST-INCLUDE? Waiting for a prompt response. You can get membership of this blog and post directly, want it?


At 3:32 AM, Blogger KoPoS said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for the response :)
I was going through the iiit blogs and saw yours and was quite interested with the aim of the project. Im very interested in your work right now and would definitely be looking at your progress :)

Posting from this might not be the right way to do this coz its you guys that will be leading this project, isnt it?

Now to the answer to your answers in response to my question ;)
So can i term FCC as a application customize-cum-installer? I have completely no idea of YUM as you two have discussed about it, so how about trying to post the screenshots of its capability here?

And how you are going to score over it?


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